“Star Wars” Snags $153.5 Million Second Weekend

In what is now only worthy of a quotidian, ho-hum news bit, The Force Awakens earned an insane, record-demolishing $153.5 million in its second weekend go-around. To put that in perspective, that number breaks the previous record by a massive $46.9 million. To shovel even more perspective onto this “Star Wars” love fest, if this number holds, the movie’s second weekend box office is now the tenth-largest in cinematic history. No other film owns two weekends in the all-time top 30.

The movie’s cumulative domestic total now stands at a boggling $545 million. Avatar‘s domestic record is essentially in the bag now, and, if the film continues to hold as well as it has been for the next couple months, $1 billion domestically is not necessarily out of the question. Even adjusting for inflation, that would make this picture’s performance an undeniable landmark in cinema. Adjusting for inflation, population, and moviegoing trends, it would likely fall into the top 10 most popular films of all time.


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